In Which COurts do YOu take Cases? 

We take criminal cases all over Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. Our primary areas of practice are Washington County, Madison County, Carroll County, and Benton County, but we will travel for certain cases. For post-conviction matters, such as appeals and expungements, we handle cases throughout Arkansas. 

Why Do you Prepare for Trial on each Case? 

Some clients do not want to go to trial, choosing instead to seek the a plea agreement from the prosecutor in order to move on with his or her life. However, it is imperative that your attorney treat the case as if it is going to trial from the very beginning. Preparing for trial ensures you are in a position to negotiate the best deal if that is your goal. Early investigation and thorough research can often turn up new evidence or violations of your constitutional rights. Simply trying to get a "good deal" can result in important evidence in your case being overlooked.